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This dashboard can be customised to only show the relevant tiles which are relevant specifically to the useryou.

To customise the dashboard:

  • Login to VIA

  • Each tile has an X in the top right hand side of it. Simply click the X to remove the tile from your dashboard

  • You can simply remove any tiles which you don’t feel are relevant to you to give you a streamlined view of all the information you need

  • If you want to reinstate any tiles you have removed:

    • Navigate to the top left. You will see a tile containing titled with your name, just under the Welcome message

    In the
    • Within this tile, next to your name, you will see a drop down selector. This will tell you how many tiles you currently have visible our of the total number of tiles available

    • Click this drop down, and simply tick/untick the tiles you want to reinstate or remove from the display

Will my preferences still be there the next time I log on?