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How to enable the Google maps functionality on your website.

Your Webdadi website Website uses Google maps Maps on various pages including the property details pages and the office pages. In fact, anywhere on your site where you can see a map will be using Google's functionality. You may also be using additional Google features, such as Google StreetviewStreetView.

In order for these to work correctly on your websiteWebsite, you'll need to have your own Google account for your business. This is not something that Webdadi can do for you, as each commercial business has to have their own Google account in order to abide by Google's terms of use. Please note - we don't hold any details of any customer's Google accounts.

From your Google account, you will be required to generate a Google Maps API key through your via Google Cloud Platform Console ( This link should work as a shortcut taking you straight to the Google Maps area of Google Console (

You may be asked to create a new Project to start the process of enabling the MAPS API’s you will need for the Website, under a project name, so create a Project name first if you need to and then you can generate a KEY to use the APIs which you will PASTE into your VIA Software to link your Website with us to your Google MAPS account.