Creating multiple featured property lists on your website

Your website can support displaying featured properties on multiple website pages, and indeed can display different lists of properties on each of those pages.

For example, you may want to display a list of your most high profile listings on your home page, but display a selection of area specific properties on another page.

In order to do this, VIA allows you to create multiple featured property lists, then link those lists to the Featured Property Items which you add to a website page to display those properties on your website.

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to Website > Featured Property

  • Click Add

  • A new tab will appear

    • Give you Featured Property list a name in the Summary field. We recommend you use a self identifying name to quickly identify your property lists such as “homepage featured properties”

    • Tick the Visible box to make it available to use. Unticked lists will be saved as a draft

    • Use the Property fields to set which property listings you add to the list:

      • Selection enables you to individually search and select which properties to add to the list. Selecting this option means you’ll need to manually keep adding/removing properties from the lists should they be withdrawn from the market

      • Criteria enables you to select a criteria of properties so that properties are automatically added to the list. Criteria allows you to automatically add properties according to their status, price range, bedroom range or area

    • Click Save and Close to save your list

Your lists can be linked to Featured Property items which the displays the property listings in a carousel or grid format on the website page that the item has been added to.

  • To link a Featured Property list to a Featured Property Item

  • Go to Website > Featured Property > Search

  • Double click the appropriate list you want to link, or right click and select Edit

  • Copy the text in the Summary field

  • Click Cancel

Next, you want to find the Featured Property Item that you want to link your list to. The easiest way to do this is to find the website page the Featured Property item is on

  • Go to Website > Pages

  • Search for the appropriate website page (you only need search for the page name after the / of your company website: eg: would simply be a search for our-services)

  • Double click the appropriate page from the list of right click and select Edit

  • You’ll see a wireframe visual of the website page. Find the Featured Property item and click the name of the name of the item (which is displayed at the top underlined). A tab will open from the right

  • In the Featured Property Name field, paste in the text you copied from the Summary field of the Featured Property list

  • Click Save and Close

You have now linked your featured property list with the featured property item. You can see from this article how you can create as many lists as you need, and simply link the list to the item to tell it what properties you want to pull in and display.