How to change the main company logo on your website

Your main company logo appears on your homepage and the footer of your website.

To change/edit it

  • In the left hand menu, go to the Settings > Configuration > Media (the media section allows you to essentially upload any logo to your website and simply select the drop down option underneath to specify how you want to use the logo)

  • You will see a series of logos that have been uploaded to the media section. You will see one that has a label of Main Logo applied to it from the drop down option at the bottom of the image

  • To change the main logo. Delete the existing logo by clicking the red bin icon in the top right hand corner of the logo you want to remove

  • Upload your new logo by dragging and dropping your file into the media section, or click the media section to choose which file to upload

  • Once uploaded, click the drop down box underneath the new file you have uploaded and select Main Logo from the drop down options

  • Your changes will automatically be saved

PLEASE NOTE: Only the Super User & Manager user rights have access to this section of VIA. You won't be able to make these changes if you don't have this level of access assigned to your user account. You should speak to the Super User(s) on your account if you have any questions or queries about your user account access