Appointment attendees; how to check for updates

How to keep track of your appointments to see if your attendees have accepted or rejected the appointment.

When you add an appointment into the calendar, you have the option to trigger an automatic email invite to all of the attendees you've added to the appointment so they can accept or reject the invitation.

Once they accept the appointment, they also have the option to download the appointment to their personal diary (Outlook, iPhone, Google etc).

If you create the appointment, or are an attending staff member of the appointment, you can see whether the attendee has accepted, declined, or not yet responded to the invite. This will display in both the calendar appointment itself. Plus, it will also appear in your Appointments tile on your dashboard. The attendee(s) will have a question mark, tick or cross by their name. This will update in real time as soon as the attendee interacts with the invite, enabling you to chase up any attendees if they haven't responded to avoid wasted journeys and cancelled appointments at short notice.

Calendar View
If you click the appointment within the calendar view, you will see the attendees current status. In the example below, Irene Harbin has accepted the appointment. If she had rejected the appointment, her name would be crossed through. If she was yet to respond, a question mark icon would be in place of the tick.



Appointments tile on the Dashboard
On your dashboard, the Appointments tile will show you your upcoming appointments scheduled for today and tomorrow. You can see that Irene has accepted the appointment, Elliott has declined it, Jane is yet to respond, and John, the person who created the appointment, is automatically marked as attending.