How to link your social media accounts to your website

You can add/edit the logos which appear in the footer of your website and then link through to your business' social media account.

You can add/edit your Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

  • Login to VIA

  • In the left hand menu, go to Settings > Configuration > Social Media

  • You will see a list of the various social media accounts you can add/edit. Simply enter the URL of your social media account into the relevant box. Any account left blank will not display online. Any field with a URL entered will display the relevant logo in you footer, and link through to the URL you have entered into the field

  • Changes will be saved automatically

PLEASE NOTE: Whenever you make changes to the Settings > Configuration section of your website, the changes you make here can take a while to display online as the changes have to spider out across multiple areas of your website. To view your changes faster, clear the cache of your internet browser, or open a new private browsing or incognito window session.