Adding advertisement banners to your search results pages

You can add advertising banners that appear on your website's search results pages whenever a website user triggers a property search.

You can use these advertising banners to promote your services and draw attention to key information for your applicants, and link to other pages of your website.

The first step is to input where you want the advert to show on the search results.

  • Go to Settings > Configuration

  • Go to Website > Property > Search

  • Go to the Results Banner Position field and enter the position where you want the advert to appear in place a property listing. Eg: if you want the advert to appear in the 6th position of the results, enter the number 6 into the field

  • If you want to set up multiple advertising banners, enter the position of each advert separated by a comma. Please don't add a comma to the last number. Eg, If you had 4 adverts and you wanted them to be spaced evenly in the search results of the page, you could enter 3,6,9,12. The first advert would then appear in the 3rd position, the second advert in the the position, etc. Please bear in mind that your website will probably show 12 properties by default on the results pages, so bear this in mind when entering the position of your adverts (ie: don’t enter a number higher than 12 in the Results Banner Position field if you currently only have 12 listings on each page as the advert won’t display ). If you want the number of properties displaying on the page to be increased to accommodate more adverts, please contact your Account Manager and we can change this for you

You can add up to 4 different adverts that appear on your search results. To add these banners and customise the design/wording of them:

  • Go to Website > Pages

  • Click Add

  • In the Page URL field, enter buy/property-for-sale

  • Click Save

  • Repeat the steps above but enter let/property-to-let in the Page URL field if you’re additionally adding advertising banners to your lettings results as well as sales

  • Go to Website > Pages and search for the page you’ve just added

  • Click the Add new item icon (3 squares and a +)

  • A new pop up will appear, ensure New item is selected from the drop down and click OK

  • The Summary The item must have a specific name. The first advert to display must be called results-banner-1

  • The Title field will output the main title of the advert. You can customise the look by using the options available in the wysiwyg editor

  • The Content field will put content within the advert underneath the title. You can customise the look by using the options available in the wysiwyg editor

  • The URL field will make the banner clickable. The URL you enter will be where the banner, when clicked, links to. To go to an external web page (NOT recommended) enter the full URL. To go to a page on the same website, you don’t need to enter the full URL. Just the element after the .com or Eg /meet-the-team

  • The Subheading field will create a button within the adverts itself. Whatever content is added to this field. Eg Click here will create a button with the text Click here within it

  • Media uploaded to the Media Section will be the background of the advert

  • Background colour field enables you to add a block colour to the background. Or, by using the transparency options in the colour picker, apply a colour overlay to an image you've uploaded

  • Click Save

  • Repeat the steps above to add new items ensuring they are named as follows:

    • The second advert to display must be called results-banner-2

    • The third advert to display must be called results-banner-3

    • The fourth advert to display must be called results-banner-4

  • You don't have to add 4 adverts, if you only want one, two, or three different adverts, just add the appropriate items as above but the system allows up to 4 advert options

Please note: Animation & hover over effects cannot be added to advertising banners, so if you apply these options within VIA they will not output on the search results pages of your website. Only the fields outlined above are relevant to the advertising banner design.