Why is my property not exporting to the property portals? Common mistakes that prevent properties from being sent to the portals correctly

There are several common mistakes that will prevent the property from being exported correctly to Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market or Boomin':

  • The full Postcode of the property has not been entered

  • A blank feature containing no text has been added to the Main Features section

  • The Exclude from portals box is ticked in the Marketing Options Section

  • The Status of the property has been set to For Sale or To Let

Simply correct any of the above, and click Save & Close to resend the data to the property portals. The easiest way to know which of these errors might be to blame:

  • Go to CRM or Property Editor > Property

  • Search for the property which is not exporting and double click it, or right click and select edit

  • Go to the exports section by clicking the Exports quick link at the top of the property. You will then see the relevant portal listed and the last successful/attempted export by time/date. If there is an error, it will be outlined here. It should tell you what is causing the error so you can correct it in VIA. The fours errors above are the most frequent errors preventing a property exporting correctly.