Generate and print a list of recently registered applicants from the contacts tab

There are a wide-ranging number of contact lists and reports which can be pulled from the contacts tab within VIA using advanced search options. You can use these advanced search options to generate any report or list you need.

With the functionality being so large, we have broken it down into more manageable chunks to help you generate the most popular lists that you'll need.

How to pull a list of applicants who've registered in the last 30 days

  • Go to CRM > Contacts

  • Click the Advanced button

  • Select Applicant from the Set to field (Applicant is a type of contact)

  • Select Registered from the Events field (View anyone who has interacted with the website in the last month, or those manually added into VIA)

  • In the Date Type field select Dynamic (you have the option to switch between dynamic lists, eg: last 30 days, or static lists between specific time periods)

  • For the Range field, select Last 30 Days

  • Hit Search

  • You can switch the information which appears in the column lists by clicking the blue list button as shown below. This will allow you to toggle between views to see the information you need at a glance


Hints & Tips

Save your report for fast future use

If this is a report you need to access regularly, you can click the Save button which appears just above the search results. When clicked, you can give your report a name eg “Applicants registered in last 30 days.” This report will then be accessible if you click the heart icon in the blue box in the top right of the tab to access quickly in future without changing every filter each time

Download your report

You can download the list by clicking the blue Download button which appears just above the search results. This will allow you to download the list as a CSV file

Quickly work your way through the list & update

If you wish to quickly go through your list of contacts and update the notes, review date and last contacted date, you don’t have to click into each property record. Simply click the name of the contact once and a preview pane will appear in the bottom right hand of the screen. You can update your notes, set an action and review date all from this panel