How to add a Google Analytics tracking code to your website

You can easily add Google Analytics tracking to your website using VIA. You do not need a developer to add any scripts or tracking data to your website, you can do this simply & easily using VIA

How to add a tracking code to the website

  • Login to VIA

  • In the left hand menu, go to Settings > Configuration

  • Click Third Party > Google > Analytics

  • Enter your Google Analytics Code in the Code field (Please note, we now only support GA4 analytics codes as UA analytics has been retired by Google)

  • Enter your website domain that is registered for Google Analytics in the Domain field

  • You have now added your analytics code to your website. The information will automatically be saved once it has been entered so you can close this tab

PLEASE NOTE -Only Super Users are able to make amendments to the Settings > Configuration section of VIA. If you don’t have access to this section, please check your user rights. If you believe you’ve been allocated the wring type of user account, you’ll need to contact the Super User(s) of your account.