What is the "Property Alerts Sign Up Form" item?

An explanation of what the Property Alerts Sign Up Form item template is, and how it can be used to generate leads on your website.

What is it?

The Property Alerts Sign Up Form is a form that can be added to any page of your website. It allows applicants to sign up for automated property alerts through your website.

The form allows the website user to enter their:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Whether they are interested in sales or lettings

  • Mark the area of areas they are interested in

As with all other items, you can add a title, subtitle, background image and or colour to customise the look and feel of the form to make it match the rest of your website


What happens when someone submits the form?

Once an applicant has completed the form on your website, you will receive an email alerting you to the new lead. You can specify which email address you want these leads to be sent to.

In addition, the applicant will automatically be saved as an applicant record in your VIA software, with the relevant criteria filled out. The contact will have the following information filled in automatically for you:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • They will be marked as an applicant, including whether they are interested in Sales or Lettings

  • The areas they are interested in will be ticked

  • They will automatically be ticked to receive Auto Emails

  • They will automatically be ticked to receive email correspondence


How does an applicant start receiving property alerts once they sign up?

If you are a Website & CRM Edition or Website & Lead Manager customer and have automated property alerts setup with Webdadi, your new applicant will automatically start receiving property alerts without you having to do a thing! As soon as they fill out the form online, properties will automatically be sent to them via email.

If you are a Website Edition customer who sends automated property alerts through a third party CRM (such as Vebra or Reapit), you will need to transfer the applicant details across to your other software in order to set them up. You can download the details of any applicant through VIA, or simply use the email you receive to transfer the details.


How do I install this item on my website

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to Website > Items

  • Click Add

  • Enter the Summary field (give you item a name so you easily find it)

  • Tick Visible

  • Select Property Alerts Sign Up Form from the Item Template drop down list

  • Give your item a Title (eg: Sign up to property alerts)

  • Give your item a Subheading (eg: Be the first to receive new and exclusive properties straight to your inbox)

  • Enter a Form Submit Message - the message you'd like to be displayed to the website user after they’ve filled out the form

  • Background Colour - select a background colour for your form. You can leave this blank if you wish. You can also select the level of transparency you want to apply to the colour so that you can combine a background image with a colour overlay if you wish

  • Send Email To - select which email address you want to receive alerts whenever a new applicant fills out this form online

  • Media - Any images you add here will be the background image displayed on the form (you can leave this blank if you wish)

  • Click Save and Close

Now you have created your item, you can add this to any website page you wish. Or you can build a new website a page to host your new item,

If you would like to know more about building new website pages and adding items to pages, please see the related articles below.

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