Are you having trouble reordering your property images?

When reordering images within the property editor, you may find that the images are not saving in the order you would like them to.

Once you have reordered your images, you should see an Updated pop up screen appear which will confirm your reordering of the images has taken affect. This should appear if If this pop up hasn’t appeared, its likely your changes haven’t taken place.

The images will only save in the order you have selected if the pop up below has been generated after each move. An example of this pop up is shown below.


To ensure you get this pop up when you move an image into the desired location, make a small amendment in the Image Name (alt text) Field below each image. This can be as simple as hitting the spacebar on your keyboard and clicking off the image. However, we recommend you add descriptive text to the image.

This will both boost your website’s SEO (for example, by describing the image “reception room of Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW15) as well as providing a label for visually impaired viewers of your website.

However, as long as there is an edit to the field below each image you have moved, it will trigger the pop up box and ensure it will hold it’s position.

Now all that’s left is to remember to press Save and Close to save your edit.