Unable/can't login to Webdadi's VIA software

If you are having trouble logging into your VIA software, it is worth considering the following common issues that we encounter:

  • Make sure you are trying to login to your account using the correct URL. To login to your software, you should login to your website address followed by /webdadi

If you are using another URL that is not your website address, you are incorrectly trying to access someone else's account which is why your username and password will not work

  • Ensure the URL you are typing in is using https:// not http:// otherwise you may be blocked (for security reasons you should only login to the secure URL address, if you try and login on an insecure browser you will be blocked)

  • If you have a both a residential and commercial account with us, your residential and commercial VIA's will have different logins. It's important you are using the correct URL to login to the correct account.

    • Your residential account can be accessed through your website address followed by /webdadi eg: https://www.estateagentwebsite.com/webdadi

    • Your commercial account can be accessed through your commercial sub domain (which is your website address premised by commercial.) followed by /webdadi eg: https://commercial.estateagentwebsite.com/webdadi

  • Make sure you are a registered user on the account you are trying to access. You should contact the member of staff who is the Super User of your account (ie: the main administrator) to ensure you have been correctly setup as a user.

  • If you have forgotten your password, go to your login URL, enter your username/email, then click the forgotten password link. This will send a reset password email to your email address with instructions on how to access your account. When you enter the new password, please DO NOT copy and paste it. This can inadvertently add a space to the end of the password which will mean the password is incorrect. Please manually type in the new password to login to ensure it has been entered correctly.


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