Changing a property listing from a sales to a lettings property, or from a lettings to a sales listing

If you have a property listing for sale that needs to be converted to a lettings listing, or vice versa, you can do this in VIA.

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to the top tab labelled CRM or Property Editor > Property

  • Search for the relevant property you want to change using the search filters then click search

  • Find the property from the list, right click, then select Copy from the menu

  • A new pop up will appear. Select from the drop down box whether you want this copy of the property to be a sales or lettings listing, then click the copy button

  • You will now have created a copy of your property as either a sales/or lettings listing. You will remain on the tab you first opened, so if you want to view the new property you've created, you will need to change the search filters and retrigger the search.

    • All of the basic information about the property, including the media, will have been copied into the new version

    • Only valuations, viewings, offers and messages information won't be copied across (this won't be relevant to the new listing)

    • By default, any copied properties will be hidden from the website and the status will be blank

    • The price will remain the same as on the original listing, so you'll need to edit the price relevant to the new listing