Deleting or Suspending a User's access to VIA

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to the Users tab on the left hand side and select Manage

  • Use the search box to search for the user you want to delete or suspend, or click the search box to view all users

To delete a user

  • Right click the user you want to delete and click Delete

  • A new pop up will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the user. Click OK to proceed and delete the user entirely

Once you delete a user, this will permanently remove them and all their data from the system. They cannot be recovered once they are deleted, so please be sure you want to delete a user before removing

OR to suspend a user

  • Right click the user you want to suspend and click Edit

  • Go to the Password section and click the Change Password button

  • Delete the current user's password and type in a new password that they won’t have access to

  • Click Save

If you wish to unsuspend a user and give them access to VIA again, follow the steps above to search for the relevant user. Right click the appropriate user and select Reset Password. This will send the user an email with new details to access their account

Please note, only those with Super User or Manager user rights can delete or suspend users.