How to prevent emails from Webdadi appearing in your junk folder or from being blocked by your email provider

Sometimes, emails alerts from Webdadi will appear in people’s junk email folders rather than their main inbox, or sometimes be blocked entirely from being received.

Webdadi use the best practises to ensure this doesn’t happen, but we cannot control the setup of an individual's computers or spam filters (for example, if a user has specifically requested to mark emails from Webdadi as junk). We also can’t override a companies internal IT email policy whereby they may be blocking specific email addresses.

However, we can recommend the following

But I’m concerned I’m missing important emails!

We understand that your website leads are the one of the most important things to your business. Whilst we can’t 100% guarantee you’ll receive email as we don’t control the entire process and are at the mercy of email providers and individuals, we can guarantee 100% so that you won’t ever miss a lead!

All of your website leads will also be displayed in VIA.

Simply login to VIA, and on your dashboard will be a list of all of your website leads.

You can mark the lead as actioned once complete. If you are on our Website & Lead Manager edition software, you can additionally:

  • Record a specific action/note and set a review date

  • See a report of all your website leads and filter by key criteria

  • See you average response time across your business, branches and staff

  • Create email lists and sends e-newsletters

  • See your full contact database

  • See every lead a contact has submitted online, or see every website lead against specific properties


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