Changing or Resetting a user's password in VIA

If you’ve forgotten your password and need to reset it, or a member of staff member has forgotten their password and you need to reset it for them, you can use the following guides.


If you have forgotten your password

  • Go to your VIA login (your website address followed by /webdadi)

  • Enter your email in the username field

  • Click the forgot password? link which is underneath the Sign In button

  • These will then send an email from which you can reset your password. Please note, a valid email address of a registered user must be input otherwise the email will not send.

  • We recommend users don’t copy and paste their new password from the email into VIA but rather manually enter it to login. Copying and pasting can inadvertently enter a space at the end of the password


Resetting your own password

  • Login to VIA (your website address followed by /webdadi)

  • Go to the Users tab on the left hand side and select Manage

  • Search for your user account using the search box, or click the search button to view all users

  • Select yourself from the list by double clicking your name in the list, or right click and select edit

  • Click the Change Password button

  • Re-enter a new password

  • Click Save


To reset a users' password for them

Please note, only Super Users or Managers are able to reset users' passwords

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to Users > Manage

  • Search for the member of staff or simply click the search button to view all

  • Right click the user and select Reset Password from the menu


  • Double click the user from the list.

  • Click the Change Password button

  • Re-enter a password for the user and manually inform them of what you have set it to. We recommend you don’t send user’s passwords via email for security purposes

  • Click Save


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