Previewing contacts, selecting multiple contacts and actioning tasks

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to CRM > Contacts

  • Use the search bar to search for individual or lists of contacts

1) Previewing Contacts

Once you have searched for a contact or contacts, you can preview the contact record.

Simply click any contact from the list, and a preview panel will appear with key information about the contact.

This panel will show

  • The key contact details of the contact

  • The Owner of the contact record (the staff member/agent in charge of the contact)

  • Any properties associated with the contact

  • The last contacted/review details about the contact. You can use this panel update the following details about the contact record without having to click into the record itself:

    • Add a note

    • Set a review action and review date

    • Update the last contacted date as today


2) Selecting Multiple Contacts

Once you have searched for a contact or contacts, you can select multiple records

  • Hold control (Ctrl) and click the box next to the contacts name to select multiple contacts individually

  • Hold Shift, click the box next to a contact, then click another contact to select all contacts in between those two contacts

3) Actioning Tasks

Once you have searched for a contact or contacts, you can action a series of tasks.

Simply right click the contact from the list and a menu box will appear with a series of options

Edit - Click to go into the contact record and edit the key details

Match Property - Click to see all properties which match their criteria (property matching, only available for contacts marked as an Applicant)

Send - Allows you to send Property Alert Emails, SMS, or email Newsletter. Please refer to the relevant guides for more details on how to send these alerts

Add Appointment - Allows you to add a calendar appointment to your diary where this contact is automatically an attendee

Change Owner - Change the owner of the contact record

Archive - Archive the contact record (effectively putting them into cold storage where they can be reactivated at a later date)

Delete - Permanently delete the contact record