Why is my Website showing a connection error type message after making changes to my Domain's DNS record?

If you have transferred the Domain Name you are trying to access, or you have changed Nameservers for your Domain Name, and/or changed or added an A record for your domain name, you could be in a situation where your Website shows a page with a connection error.

This is usually due to the propagation delay of your Domain Name copying around the internet.
So a change in name servers and other servers and records can result in a delay for up to 24 hours.


  • You must make sure there is NO A record pointing to an alternate IP address.

  • You must make sure there is NO A record for www. pointing anywhere.

  • To help make sure you are checking your site uncached. Please open an Incognito / inPrivate browsing tab or window to check your website domain.

    If you previously didn’t have SSL and now do this will also potentially affect the Website lookup from a Google / Bing Search engine listing.

The answer is you need to wait/give it the full 24 hours since updating your Domain Records before we can rule this reason being the cause of a connection error.

Things we can check for you in case you have changed your Domain Name , is for us to check the entry we have for your primary hostname that we have saved for your Organisation in Via.
-> If this is set to a different domain name then you would get a connection error in your Web Browser. You only need to ask us to check that if you have recently changed your domain name and experienced this problem since then.