Configuring DNS Records for a Website to use CNAME Flattening with your root domain and www subdomain using Cloudflare

Creation Date: July 3, 2023

Created By: Oliver Chapple​

Do not carry out the steps in this guide before submitting a request to use your root domain by filling in this online form. It is vital we make some amendments to your website before you complete the steps below otherwise you may experience downtime on your website.

Webdadi are not responsible for any downtime on your website caused by carrying out these steps without confirmation from us in writing that it is safe to do so.

Please note: This guide outlines how to copy your existing website domain settings to Cloudflare. If you have other domain records and settings setup such as email, these also need to be transferred. Do not change your name server settings to Cloudflare until every domain setting you need has been transferred. This guide is for advanced users only and we recommend using a third party to manage your DNS. Please note, Webdadi do not manage your DNS and the following is a guide only. You should consult with your domain name provider and any third parties who run your DNS for further help, support and confirmation of successful setup.

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a Free account in Cloudflare, without going through the initial register process, right through adding your Webdadi Website records into Cloudflare through to the final step which is changing the nameservers on Godaddy to point to Cloudflare.

Click Signup on

1. Type "your Website domain name here without www"

2. Click on Add site

3. Click on Free…

4. Click on Continue

5. Click on Add record

6. Click on dropdown trigger and Find CNAME

7. Click on CNAME

8. Type "@"

9. Type in***

10. Turn off the Proxy Status

11. Click on Add record

12. Click on CNAME

13. Type www

14. Type

15. Turn OFF the Proxy Status

16. Click SAVE

17. Click on Records

18. Here are your two new (CNAME) records when you have added and saved them that will point your root domain and your www subdomain name at Webdadi

19. Scroll down to see your 2 Cloudflare nameservers

So you only need to go here because you need to see the names of both your Cloudflare nameservers that you will need to copy and paste into Godaddy or other 3rd party domain name provider as the next main action.

# Goto your Godaddy or other 3rd Party DNS Registrar and find your DNS Settings to manage

Go to

20. Click on DNS

21. with Godaddy you should see all your records here

22. Click on Nameservers tab

23. Click on Change Nameservers

24. Select "I'll use my own nameservers"

# DNS Management

Go to

25. Type "the domain name servers (1&2) listed with all your DNS records in Cloudflare. under DNS Settings"

26. Type " "

27. Click on Save

28. To find your nameserver records just click Records under DNS in Cloudflare

29. Click on Continue


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