Verification of your website in Google's Search Console

Google Search Console is platform to monitor how Google views your website and includes data on performance, pages and traffic queries amongst other things. Google Search console provides the option to verify your website, this is to prove you are the owner of the website. This will give you the opportunity to submit your sitemap.

Please note - the following guide outlines how to use Google’s search console to verify your website. Google’s search console is a third party product. As such, this guide outlines Webdadi’s understanding and knowledge of the product, but you should also consult Google’s own documentation for the very latest instructions and advise.

How to Verify your website

  1. Head to Google Search Console and make sure you have logged into the account you wish to keep the website under. Once you have accessed your search console, go to the navigation menu and ‘Add property’.

  1. To verify your website you will need to use the ‘URL prefix’ option. Enter the full address of your website as in the example below and continue.

  1. The ‘Verify ownership’ box will pop up; expand the 'HTML tag' option and copy the meta tag provided.

  1. Once you have copied your meta tag

    1. Login to VIA (your website address followed by /webdadi eg:

    2. In the left hand menu, go o to Settings > Configuration

    3. Click Third Party > Google > Site Verification

    4. In the the Site Verification field and paste the meta tag from the Google Search Console. After pasting the meta please ensure you delete everything either side of the quotation marks. For demonstration purposes the meta tag provided will resemble something similar to this:

<meta name="google-site-verification"content=" 3gLvNB2opFz32IGykB6lNWUnSiEgogXI2UU6T3nHBVA" />

the red highlighted sections will need to be deleted

  1. Please contact the Webdadi helpdesk and ask them to clear your cache before proceeding

  2. Head back into your Google Search Console. Click on verify. If it is successful there will be a pop up window to take you to your property (website account) in the search console. If it is unsuccessful try to verify again in few minutes, occasionally it can take a little while for Google to see the tag that has been added to the website.



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