How to easily change the logos which appear on your website

The logos which appear on your website can all be changed easily using your VIA software.

  • When you login to VIA, in the left hand menu go to Settings > Configuration. This section is where the advanced settings of your website can be controlled. By clicking the Media section, you can edit the logos that appear on your website

  • You will see a series of logos that have been uploaded to the media section. You can add logos by uploading JPEG, SVG or PNG files to the media section (simply drag and drop your file into the media section, or click to upload a file from your computer)

  • You can allocate an Alt tag to the media by using the box underneath the file to name your file

  • Once you have uploaded a file, you can allocate what you want the file to be by selecting the drop down option underneath the file. You can select to display the file as a Main Logo, Footer Logo, Partner Logo and many more

  • Your changes will automatically be saved