Duplicating a website page

You can use the duplicating functionality in VIA to quickly and easily recreate website pages.

This feature can be used to easily build a new page of your website using an existing page as a template. You can then easily edit the content to create your new page.


  • Login to VIA

  • In the left hand menu go to Website > Pages

  • Use the Search function at the top of the tab to search for the page you want to copy/clone/duplicate

  • There are several ways you can activate this feature

    • Simply right click the relevant page and select Duplicate from the menu

    • Click the relevant page from the list. A window will appear from the right hand side. At the top of the window you will see a Duplicate button

    • Double click the relevant website page from the list or right click and select edit

      • A new tab will open showing you the wireframe of the website page and a preview of the word content on it

      • Click the Page URL which can be found at the top of the tab, above any page content. A window will slide out from the right. At the top of this slide out window you will see a button called Duplicate.

  • To find your newly copied page, go back to the Website > Pages tab. Your new page will have the same page URL followed by -copy and a unique code. Eg: if you were copying a page with the URL meet-the-team your duplicated page would be called meet-the-team-copy-S1R4. You can change the URL of the page when editing the page.

  • The newly duplicated page will contain all the same content as the original. The only elements which won’t be copied across will be the Window Title and Meta Description fields. This is because each of your website pages should have a unique window title or your site will be penalised by Google. We don’t copy across these fields to avoid you inadvertently duplicating this data on your site

  • To edit your new page, simply double click the page from the list, or right click and select edit, and change the content of the page in the usual way

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