Retriggering an export to Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market or Boomin'

This guide shows you how to quickly resync or resend your property data to the property portals.

You can resend the data for any property in VIA by simply saving the property. Every time you save the property in VIA, it triggers an export. Resaving the property is the simplest and quickest way to send your property to the portals or correct any errors you spot with the property

  • Go to CRM or Property Editor >Property

  • Search for the property you want to resend to the portals. Double click the relevant property, or right click and select edit

  • The Save & Close button will only appear if you edit the property. If you need to resend the property to the portals either

    • Correct/amend/edit the relevant field you need to then click Save & Close

    • If you don't need to amend any fields, but want need to resend the property. Go to the house name/number field and add a space to the end of the name/number. Then press backspace to get rid of the space you've added. This will artificially trigger the Save & Close button so you can resend the property data