Adding a new user to VIA

How to add a new user to your VIA software. PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Lead Manager or CRM Edition software user, please take note of the additional setups which are required to add a user to your software in the text article below to ensure they have the appropriate level of access for your business


To add a new user to VIA

  • Login to VIA

  • In the left-hand menu, select Users > Manage

  • Click the Add button

  • Fill in the Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Branch and Role (what level of access you want them to have in VIA) fields

  • Once you are happy, click Save

  • Once you press save, an email will be sent to your new user with a link for them to click to access VIA.

IMPORTANT: If you are a Lead Manager or CRM Edition customer and you need the user to access the calendar and be associated with properties & contacts, there is an additional step:

  • Go to the left had menu, select Contacts

  • Click the Add button on the left hand side

  • Fill in the relevant fields for the person you are adding. The Contact Details and Personal Details sections are the most relevant

  • Go to the Requirements section and tick the Internal Staff box

  • Click the Save & Close button

  • Go the left hand menu, select Users > Manage and use the top search bar to find the relevant users (or just click the search button to view all users)

  • Double click the user from the list that you have just added, or right click and select Edit

  • Go to the Associated Contact field. Start typing the name of the contact you've just added and select the appropriate person from the drop down list

  • Click Save


Why are Contacts and Users separate in VIA?
Contacts can be associated with Properties and other Contacts.

Users can access the VIA software itself.

You might have members of staff who you want to add as Contacts within VIA so you can view their contacts details and associate them with properties & contacts. However, you might not necessarily want them to have access to the VIA software itself.

Similarly, you may have users of VIA, perhaps third parties who you have hired to write blog or website content, who don't need to be associated with your properties & contacts.

By splitting Contacts and Users in this way, it gives you more freedom within the VIA software. You can then link an associated Contact to a User Account to give that person complete access to both login to the VIA software and to be associated with properties and contacts, whilst still allowing them to be separate if you so choose.

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