Adding an LBTT calculator to your website

If you are dealing with property sales in Scotland, you can add an LBTT Calculator to a page on your website, instead of the default Stamp Duty Calculator.

How to add an LBTT calculator

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to Website > Items

  • Click the Add button

  • In the Summary field, make sure the letters lbtt appear in whatever you enter here. You can enter whatever you wish into the Summary field, as long as the letters lbtt appear seperately. eg: lbtt-calculator

  • Ensure the Visible field is ticked

  • Select the Stamp Duty Calculator option from the drop down in the Item Template field

  • Add a Title if you want text to appear above the calculator itself. Use the text options to format this title

  • Select a Background colour. You can either select a flat background colour, or leave this field blank if you only want to display an image in the background. Or, if you'd like an image with a slight colour overlay, you can select a colour, but then make it transparent using the colour picker so you can have both an image and a colour overlay over the top.

  • Select an Animation if you wish. This animation will trigger when people view the calculator on the website using a desktop computer

  • Upload Media which will display in the background. You do not need to upload media if you don't want to and only want to display a flat colour instead

  • Once you're happy, select Save and Close

  • You've not created your LBTT Calculator. All you need to do now, is add the calculator to the relevant page of your website. To do this:

    • Go to Website > Pages

    • Search for the page you want to add your calculator to

    • Double click the page from the list, or right click and select edit from the menu

    • Scroll to the bottom of the tab to the items section

    • Start typing the name of the item you've created (the name is the summary field of the item)

    • Click the appropriate item to add it to the page. You can drag and drop the items added to the page to change the order they display on the page. The left hand most item will display at the top, the furthest right at the bottom

    • Click Save and Close once you're happy

How to add a calculator that accommodates both LBTT and Stamp Duty

You may be based on the border between England & Scotland or simply deal with property sales in both countries. In this instance we have added the option for the website user to toggle between a stamp duty calculator and an LBTT calculator using a radio button.

If you would like the radio button to default to the Scottish calculator version then you simply need to add the stamp duty calculator item as shown above. However, you will need to use the word lbtt-showradio in the Summary field of the item itself.

If you would prefer the radio button to default to the English calculator. In this instance, you simply need to add the stamp duty calculator item as shown above. However, you will need to use the word stampduty-showradio in the Summary field of the item itself.