Support Users

Support users in VIA are nominated people within your organisation who are able to speak to the customer success team at Webdadi to alert us to any technical issues you might be having or receive help and support for any how to and training queries you may have.

They are the go to people in your organisation for any how to to or training issues your team might be having. Only support users can contact the team to receive help and support for the website or your VIA software.


How do I find out who my support user is?

You can find out who your nominated support users are by logging into VIA and viewing the Support tile in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.

Your support users are also visible in the Users > Manage tab. Click search to view all users. Your support users will have a tick in the Support column.

Who are support users and what can they do?

  • Log a support cases through the Training & Support Centre in VIA

  • Email the helpdesk at

  • Call the helpdesk to speak to a Customer Success Rep

If you aren't a support user, you cannot log a case and if you call or email the customer success team for help or to alert us to a problem, you will be directed to your support user.

Who should my super user be?

  • Someone who is already setup as a User within VIA

  • Someone who has received training on the VIA software platform

  • Someone who is able to field how to questions and general training queries from other members of their organisation and be up to speed with how your website and the VIA software works

  • Someone who is comfortable fielding questions and queries from colleagues

How do I nominate my support user?

During your website build with us, either your project manager or account manager will discuss adding a support user to your account.

If you haven't nominated a support user, a company director can email the to nominate one.

How many support users can I have?

As part of your subscription you have one support user per branch license. You can buy additional support user licenses if you need them. Simply contact your Webdadi Account Manager.

If I'm not a support user, can I contact Webdadi?

In short, no. You should direct your query to your support user or use the online Training & Support centre to search for an answer to your question.

You will not be able to log a case in VIA and should you contact the helpdesk or customer success teams directly, you will be referred to you support user.

Why can't non support users contact you?

Your monthly subscription with Webdadi does not include individual user support.

You do not pay a per seat or per user license with Webdadi. Rather, you have a branch license which enables you to add as many users to your VIA software as you require without being charged more, but these users will not receive individual support.

The support user is there to triage any questions and queries your staff might have and ensure everyone who has access to VIA is suitably trained to use it.

They also ensure your 2 hours' worth of monthly support is not taken up by basic training queries.

How can non support users receive training & answers to their questions?

Either by contacting their support user or by using VIA's online Training & Support centre. Simply click the blue Training & Support Centre button at the bottom of the left hand menu of VIA.

Can I purchase training for my staff?

Yes. You can contact your Account Manager to purchase a training session. There are two options available, an online or in person training session.

Most of our website packages include a training session with the website build. It's important those people attending the original session pass on their knowledge to new members of staff.


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