Editing your cookie notice pop-up

Your VIA software allows you to customise the wording of your cookie notice pop up so you can tailor it towards your business.

  • Login to VIA

  • In the left hand menu go to Settings > Configuration

  • Select Website > Notifications > General

  • The Cookie Notice Text* field allows you to customise the wording of the cookie notice pop up. Add your preferred text using the text editor. Once complete, the system will automatically save it for you. When entering your wording, it’s important to link to your cookie policy page. To do this, Type the wording you want to display, for example “Cookie Policy.” Highlight the text, select the insert link icon, then enter the URL /cookies in the URL field to link to your cookie policy page

  • You can further upgrade your cookie notice by ticking the Enable Advance Cookie Notification field. If this is not selected, we highly recommend you do this to ensure compliance. Ticking this option will give your website a larger, more explicit pop up notice that is harder to ignore. It also allows users to accept all cookies, accept only essential cookies, or reject all cookies giving more customisable cookie options to the user

*Please note: If you login and notice the cookie notice text field is blank, you will be using Webdadi’s default pop up wording. As soon as you enter wording into the cookie notice text field, it will override this default wording so ensure you have entered everything you need to display before saving if you want to use your own wording.

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