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To help get you started, we've outlined some of the basics for you

Once you login, everything you need is in the left hand side menu.

The blue Training & Support Centre button will take you through to our online training library with guides, walkthrough, hints and tips for any additional help you need.


Blogging is a great way to add new content to your website. It's quick, easy, and one of the simplest things to do in VIA to help you get to grips with the software. It's a great place to start to familiarise yourself with the software.

Click below to see how to add a blog post to your website to get things started.


Editing your office page's contact details

You might find your office/contact page(s) look(s) a bit sparse at the moment. Adding your contact details, departments and other page content is simple, easy and really helps to flesh out your website.

Click below to find out how to add you branch details to your website and complete the first page of our website.


Editing a website page

You'll probably want to edit or tweak the wording and pictures used on the site. You might even want to change the layout of the pages slightly.

Click the link below to learn the basics of how to begin editing your website pages such as your homepage.


We've uploaded the logo that you supplied to us initially, but if you want to change it, it couldn’t be simpler.

Next Steps

Once you've had a go at the above, you can start to experiment with building new pages and some of the more advanced features of your website. You can even give access to other staff members to give you a helping hand.

Need help from other staff members?

You can add new users to your VIA software to help you build and edit the website. You can add unlimited users to your software at no extra cost.

Building new website pages and adding them to your menu

Need to add partner logo and affiliations to your website?

You can add a series of partner logos to your website

Want to know what else you could add to the website?

Visit the Store tab on the left hand side. Much like an app store, you can see all of our new products and features and install them in a click!

Want to know more?

Below are a selection of articles for some more common FAQs. However do search in the Training & Support centre for any further questions you might have.

Want to know more about SEO and how you can improve your website's Google ranking? The guides below are a great place to start