How to send an email newsletter

You can send any of the newsletter email templates which you've created to any of the contacts in your VIA software.

To send an email newsletter

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to the CRM or Lead Manager tab

  • Select Contacts

  • Search for the contacts you wish to send your newsletter to using the search criteria. We recommend you filter your audience so you send specific email content to a specific audience to increase your open and click through rates (eg: segment your mailing list by contact type, such as Applicant or Vendor. You can also drill down further by selecting all contacts associated with a specific office to send them more localised email content). If you’ve already created a mailing list, simply click the heart icon in the top right hand corner and select the relevant mailing list from the list

  • You can select which contacts you wish to send the newsletter to in several ways:

    • You can individually select specific contacts by clicking the box next to their name (hold control and click to select multiple contacts, or hold down shift to select a block of contacts)

    • To select all contacts displaying the list, click the tick box in the column headers at the top. Your list will be limited to 500 contacts by default

    • To select every contact (essentially send to all). Click the Select X contacts button which appears above the column headers, where the total number of contacts is displayed in blue

  • Once you've selected the relevant contacts, right click and select Send > Newsletter

  • Click the relevant newsletter template you want to send from the list (if the list is blank, you haven't created a newsletter template yet. See the relevant guide for creating a newsletter template)

  • A pop up will appear with a preview of the contacts you're sending your newsletter to. Click Send Email to send your email

  • You can press the Cancel button if you don't want to send your email, or click the x next to individual contacts if you want to deselect them from the sending list


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