How to create email newsletter mailing lists

If you regularly send email newsletters through VIA, you can create mailing lists to easily send regular email content to the same audience.

These mailing lists will be dynamic, meaning new contacts will automatically be added to your lists if they match the criteria of the mailing list you have created. You won't need to manually add individual contacts each time you create a mailing list which should save you a lot of time and effort.

How to create a mailing list

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to the left hand menu and select the top CRM or Lead Manager tab

  • Click Contacts

  • This will then open the Contacts tab. Click the Advanced button on the right hand side to open the advanced search filter parameters

  • You can now use these filters to drill down into specific lists of contacts

    • Office - contacts assigned to a specific office

    • Owner - contacts assigned to a specific member of staff

    • Set to - the type of applicant (eg: applicant, vendor, landlord etc)

    • Status - choose between active or archived contacts

    • Enquiry From - where the contact first came from (portal lead, website lead, etc.)

    • Events - Choose specific events such as when a contact was registered, or specifically contacts who haven't been contacted yet. Once you select an event, you then select a specific date range, or a dynamic date range (ie: last 7 days, or last 30 days). This field essentially allows you to view all uncontacted contacts, or all contacts registered with you in the past month etc. It is a powerful field in terms of helping you to create a mailing list.

    • Email Enabled - for your mailing list, you only want to add contacts who you are able to contact by email. Select Yes from the drop down option of this field to only add contacts to your mailing list who want to be contacted by email and who haven't unsubscribed from your emails previously

  • Once you've selected all the criteria you want for your mailing list, click the Search button

  • A list of all the contacts meeting this criteria will be displayed. Hit the Save button on the right hand side above the column headers

  • A pop up will display asking you to Save this search. Give your mailing list a name, eg Mailing List - All Applicants and click Confirm

  • Your mailing list will now be saved for you to access quickly the next time you return to the Contacts tab. To access your mailing lists. Simply click the Heart icon in the top right hand side of the tab, and your saved search criteria will be initiated.


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