SEO Hints & tips; why entering your property address correctly in your CRM is so important to your website's performance

How could such a simple task be so important? Well, when it comes to entering the property address, such a simple step can actually have far reaching consequences for your website's SEO performance.

Take a normal address:

Flat 5

70 Holland Street



Everything here you would assume is entered correctly. However, by sticking to such a basic address structure, you're missing vital keywords that can help boost your SEO performance for all sorts of keyword searches.

The micro-village or borough contain a wealth of keywords that you're missing out on if you don’t fully enter the address into your CRM platform.

For example, the above address is in the London Borough of Southwark. By not entering that word into your address, you're missing out on vital keywords to help your website rank for phrases such as houses for sale in Southwark or estate agents in Southwark. All searches that could provide your business with vital leads.

Most postcode finders or address look ups contained within property management software's or CRMs don't contain this level of detail. They'll simply add a Street Address, County and Postcode. But by doing so, your website then misses out on potentially hundreds of website pages containing vital keywords that your potential vendors, landlords and applicants use when this data is then imported into your website's property search.

Your search results pages and property pages boost the size of your website, and pack it full of great keyword terms that boost your SEO. Your physical property stock works for you online to boost your digital presence. If these pages don’t contain the full address, you're wasting that potential.

So, if your software is using a postcode/address finder to make entering an address of a property easier, don't just take the easy way out. Make sure you manually enter the additional information that is so vital in expressing the local keyword terms that people search for.

That 10 second shortcut you thought was making your life easier could have profound ramifications for your business that you never even knew about.