How to add a video tour to your properties

How to add video & virtual tours to your properties, including videos from YouTube & Vimeo as well as virtual tours from Matterport.

You can add video tours to your properties that will appear on the property details page.

If you add your properties directly into VIA

  • Click the CRM or Property Editor Tab

  • Click the Property Tab

  • Search for the property you want to edit from the list, or use the search box

  • Double click the property or right click and select edit

  • Go to the Video Tour field under the Marketing Options section

  • Click the +Add Virtual Tour button and enter the information in the field which appears. You can add multiple videos or property tours to a property within VIA

  • Enter the information in the formats specified below. DO NOT upload your video to the media tab of VIA as this will not work. VIA does not host video content directly.


Video/virtual tour formats:

Enter the full URL of the video, including the https:// section. Eg. You can also enter the embed code of the video, which is the alphanumerical code which follows the v= section of the URL eg: BDUdkcqLYyk
Please DO NOT enter a URL in the format of as this will not work. You must enter either the alphanumerical code or the full Youtube URL of the video in the format


Enter the full URL of the video, including the https:// section. Eg,


Enter the full matterport URL, including the https:// section. Eg


Enter the full URL, including the https:// section. Eg

  • You can add multiple video tours. Simply click the "+ Add Video Tour" button. These multiple tours will both display on your website and be sent to the property portals if you are using VIA to export your property data.

  • Once you've added the url(s) into the Video Tour field, click the blue save and close button

  • You should now be able to see the video tour on the property details page of your property. This will be activated by clicking the video icon which appears on the page. Yout videos/virtual tours will also be sent to the portals if you have exports setup with us

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not use VIA to enter your property information directly, and your property information is sent to us via an import from another provider such as Vebra, Reapit, Dezrez etc, you will need to enter the information in exactly the same formats as listed above. You will also need to check with them which field you need to enter your information into and clarify with your provider that they are sending us this information.

Imports only allow one video/virtual tour to be imported per property. Only those entering their property data directly in VIA through our CRM or Property Editor Edition software can display multiple videos/tours for each property