Linking your Google Analytics account to VIA

If you have a Google Analytics tracking code added to your website to your website, you can link that Google Analytics account to your VIA software. This will enable you to see the statistics & analytics about your website directly in the Website Reports section of VIA.

This give you one comprehensive view of your website performance, showing both VIA’s native reporting information, as well as more analytics and statistical data from Google Analytics, all amalgamated into one easy to use dashboard that can be customised across any date range.

  • Login to VIA

  • On the left hand menu, go to Settings > Configuration

  • Go to VIA > Google

  • VIA will then allow you to sign into your Google Analytics account using your email and password. Follow the on screen prompts and allow VIA to access your Google Analytics account. You must ensure you are logging into the same Google account as your analytics account, or a Google account that has been granted access to the analytics account. If you try and login to another Google Account with no access to your analytics, this will not work

  • Select the Analytics Account, The Analytics Property and DataStream from the drop down options to select the correct account

  • Your Google Analytics account is now synced with your VIA software

What information you will see in VIA

  • Website Analytics

    • Number of New visitors Vs Returning Visitors

    • Bounce rate of new Visitors Vs Returning Visitors

    • Combined Bounce Rate

    • Total Website Hits

    • Average time on website

    • Most viewed page & number of views

  • Most popular search area, price range and bedroom range broken down by Sales and Lettings

  • Top 10 property search terms on your website

  • User origin; where your website visitors came from (directly to the website, from a Google search, social media etc)

  • Top 10 pages of your website