How to check if a property has been added/removed from the property portals successfully

If you use VIA to upload your properties to the property portals, you can check whether the property has been successfully sent to or removed from, the portal(s).

If a property has not been sent to, or removed from a portal correctly, you can also see what caused the error so you can correct it.

To check if a property has successfully exported

  • Click the CRM or Property Editor Tab

  • Select Property

  • Search for the property that you'd like to check using the search options

  • Double click the property from the list view, or right click and select edit

  • Click the Exports quick link heading at the top. In this section, you will see a list of the property portals we're exporting in Real Time for you. These will be one of, or a combination of, Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market and Boomin'. You will also see the date/time of the last successful export (or unsuccessful attempt) and a confirmation of the status in the Result section:

    • Updated Property - means the property was successfully sent to the portal(s)

    • If the Result does not say Updated Property it will instead tell you the error which has caused the property not to export. This is likely to be because the property is missing data, such as a full postcode, or features. If you don't understand the error message, you can contact the Webdadi Helpdesk

Common mistakes that will prevent the property from being exported correctly:

  • The full Postcode of the property has not been entered

  • A blank feature containing no text has been added to the Main Features section

  • The Exclude from portals box is ticked in the Marketing Options Section

  • The Status of the property has not been set to For Sale or To Let