How to Jump/Go to a section heading or field in a record in Via quickly rather than scrolling to find it.


Why are there no Quick Find buttons at the top of records in VIA?


Due to the fact, customers have different Property and CRM setups that includes different fields and headings in their VIA software, depending on their configurations needed, this is the reason why we no longer have jump buttons at the top of the records as they wouldn’t always work for certain client configurations and there is no way for us to create buttons for different configurations.

Salesforce, the biggest generalist CRM provider worldwide, does not have jump buttons either for the same reason and they also show customer-specific records, just as we do, requiring scrolling to a field or heading, for the software to work on multiple devices' screens. The way to jump to what you want is actually quite easy on a desktop and here is how… 

If you press CTRL and F – this drops down a Search Bar. You can then type in the first few letters of a field or heading you want to jump to, press Return, and the browser will jump to the found item option. You keep pressing Return to jump to the next one.

For example, if you want to jump not scroll to the Property Record heading Marketing Options you would do the following:- 

Press CTRL and F at the same time, then type Mark in the Find box, and then press the return button a couple of times to jump you to the heading Marketing Options.


This Find and Jump works for any field, text or heading in a record in VIA.