I don`t seem to be able to change the color, size, or font of some text on our web page

You may be trying to change the colour, font or size of a heading or subheading of a Web Page or Item such as a slider item in a Web Page. If you are unable to change the colour of certain text using the built-in text editor, the chances are you are trying to edit a pre-designed section of a page pre-designed by Webdadi, where the font, colour and size have already been specifically created and locked down so you don’t break your Web page’s design that was specifically created for your company and branding.

You may in your design have a size or colour such as white for one particular heading(h2) and dark grey for a Heading (h1) - e.g. heading and subheading fields for your Web Page. If you move the text from one to the other where the style is different you can achieve the colour desired by doing this.

If this is not what you want, or the result you want having tried this, and you would instead like a design change, then you will need to contact the helpdesk@webdadi.com either by sending us an email or by using the ticketing feature from your VIA Software account to send us the request (the latter being quicker) for us to respond as we will have more detail to triage your request. We can then make the necessary changes for you. Please note that such changes may be chargeable depending on your Website and subscription with us.