Automated Email Property Alerts

An explanation of how the automated property alerts work. Send property alerts automatically whenever a property is added to VIA that you want to market.

If you add your property information directly into VIA, you have the option to send your applicants automated property alert emails.

A property alert email will be sent to any applicant saved within VIA if:

  • A new property is added for sale/to let

  • The price of the property is updated

In order for these emails to be sent to the relevant applicants, the following criteria must be met:

For the Property:

  • Under the Marketing Options section, the Hide from website field must be unticked

  • Under the Marketing Options section, the Allow notification by email option must be ticked

  • The property must have at least one image uploaded to the media section (in .jpg format)

  • Under the Workflow section, the Status must be marked as:

    • For Sale

    • To Let

  • The email will be triggered when the status is changed, so please ensure all other criteria are in place before changing the status in order to trigger your auto email

For the Contact:

  • The contact must have the Applicant option ticked

  • Their Status must be marked as one of the following options:

    • Actively Viewing - Normal

    • Hot Applicant

    • Just Looking - Low

    • Prospective

    • Purchase Fallen Through

  • The Auto Emails tick box must be ticked

  • The Min bedrooms must match the property

  • The Min Price & Max Price must match the property. The system will automatically send properties 10% above or below the listed max/min price of the applicant

  • The Areas selected must match that of the property. If no areas are specified for the Applicant, then any property in any area will be sent to them

If your account is not currently set to send automated property alert emails but you'd like to utilise this feature, please contact your Webdadi Account Manager.


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