MailMerge Plugin - Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I have to create my own letter & document templates?

No, you don't have to. Your VIA software has several pre-loaded templates for you to use. When you right click any property and select MailMerge, simply select the VIA Default Templates option to access these default documents.

Webdadi can also create bespoke letters & documents for you. Simply contact your Webdadi Account Manager if you'd like to purchases any documents from us. However, you can create as many templates as you need for free yourself using the Training & Support Centre.

Does the letter or document I generate get automatically uploaded to the property in VIA?

Currently, no. Once you've generated your document, you'd need to save it locally, and upload it to the relevant property manually in VIA if you wish. However, a record of the document's generation will be held in the notes section of the relevant property with a time/date stamp of when it was created.

Once I create a document for a property, is there a record of this in stored in VIA?

Yes. When you trigger a MailMerge template document against any property, a note of this is saved in the notes section of the property itself. It will record what document you generated, who generated it, and a time/date stamp recording its creation, so you can see all of the documents that have been created for a property.

Why can't I generate documents using the media I've uploaded to the property?

The MailMerge functionality is designed to create letters and documents and therefore only uses the text and number fields against a property. It is not a brochure generating tool. Ask your Account Manager about upgrading to our Brochure Generator if you wish to generate brochures.

Can I generate documents in a programme other than Microsoft Word?

No, you can only generate documents within Microsoft Word. However, the Microsoft Suite is now available for all operating systems, included Apple Mac.

Why do you recommend using Google Chrome?

In our opinion Google Chrome is the best browser in terms of features, functionality and user experience. It also the world's most popular browser. 

In addition, the browser extension which we recommend, prevents your computer downloading endless word and excel documents when you generate a document. It can also prevent you getting errors in regards to not being able to locate the data source when you trigger a MailMerge.

Why is only one file being downloaded?

When you trigger a Mailmerge from a property in VIA, you may see a pop up appear that asks you to allow multiple downloads. Ensure you you allow this, otherwise you may only download one of the excel or the word documents. You should allow the browser to download both.

You should also check your browser’s settings to ensure you have allowed multiple file downloads. Not all browsers will generate a pop up, so you need to ensure the relevant settings to allow multiple downloads is enabled. You should consult the relevant help guides for your chosen browser for help and guidance.

I'm getting an error stating Word cannot find the data source?

If you are not using Google Chrome as your internet browser, we recommend you do so. In addition, If you haven't downloaded the recommended browser extension we recommend you do so.

If you don't want to use Google Chrome or download the browser extension, you will need to use Word's Mailmerge wizard, following the prompted steps to generate your document which is a more manual process.

You should also check your browser’s settings to ensure you have allowed multiple file downloads. You should consult the relevant help guides for your chosen browser for help and guidance.

I'm getting an error message when I click the VIA MailMerge Icon within Word, is this a problem with my VIA Software?

No. Once you have selected your property within VIA and selected Mailmerge then the appropriate document you want to generate, a download of both a word document and a CSV file should have been triggered in your browser. Once this download has been triggered, that is the extent of what VIA is doing for you. Anything from this point on is simply using Microsoft Word’s native mailmerge functionality. You should have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word to use this functionality, and consult any relevant Microsoft Guides for any issues you find whilst using any Microsoft product.

If you have generated your own template documents, then you will need to ensure the template you've created is correct and using the correct mailerge fields. Webdadi cannot offer technical support for any documents which you have generated yourself. However, if Webdadi have generated your template document(s) for you and you are receiving an error, then you should contact the Webdadi helpdesk for technical support on


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