MailMerge Plugin - How to generate letters and documents for a property using the templates that have been uploaded to VIA

To generate a letter or document

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to the Plugins tab

  • Select the Property tab

  • Search for the property or properties you wish to generate a document for by using the search criteria at the top of the page. To select multiple properties, click and hold ctrl and select all the properties you'd like

  • Right click, and select MailMerge

  • Select and click the appropriate document you'd like to generate from the list

  • This will trigger your browser to download a Microsoft Word document and a Microsoft CSV File. A pop up may appear asking permission to download multiple document. Make sure you click yes to allow both documents to be downloaded. Both should appear in the bottom of your browser window. If not, it will be stored in the Downloads section of File Explorer on your computer. Open the newly downloaded Word file

  • Depending on your security settings, you may need to select Enable Editing and Enable Content on the two pop-up windows which appear within Word (failure to do this will not enable your document to be generated)

  • Open your newly downloaded Word Document

  • Click the VIA MailMerge icon

  • Your newly generated document(s) will appear. Simply save the document to a convenient location


PLEASE NOTE Although VIA can be used on any web browser, we recommend you use Google Chrome for the best user experience.

Before you generate your first document, we strongly suggest you download the following browser extension to ensure a seamless letter and document generation.

This will ensure you can degenerate documents in one click, rather than manually using Word's MailMerge generating functionality.


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