Contact ratings in VIA; What are they & why are some of my new leads labelled as hot, warm, or cold?

Contacts in VIA can be allocated a rating. This enables you qualify them so you can determine how sales ready they are.

When you edit a contact, the first field at the top called Rating enables you to rate your contacts as Hot, Very Warm, Warm, Cool, or Cold from the drop down options available. This enables you to qualify your new leads and contacts.

You can then search and filter by this classification in the Advanced Search so you can find your hottest leads and contacts quickly and easily. In addition, the contacts rating will also appear in the preview panel so you can view the contacts rating at a glance. This will be denoted by a colour coded flame symbol.

New Leads

Whenever someone fills out a form on your website to express an interest in your service, a contact record for that person will be added to your contacts database in VIA. It means you never have to manually enter your website leads into VIA, they are automatically added for you!

When a new lead registers on your website and they are saved in VIA, the new lead will automatically be saved as Hot and have a New Lead marker.

Over time, if you don't edit the contact and change the last contacted date, the lead's rating will slowly decline from Hot to Cold.

Once you've contacted the lead, edit the contact and input the Last Contacted Date field, the New Lead marker will disappear. You can also then manually assign the contacts rating once you've qualified them.

If you don't contact the new lead, the rating will slowly start to get lower the longer it is before you contact them.

How long will it take for my New Lead to go from Hot to Cold?

The sooner you contact a lead, the higher the chance of conversion, so we recommend you contact your new leads asap. Your lead's rating will slowly start to decline the longer they aren't contacted from the date/time they register on your website.

  • Hot: 0-4 hours

  • Very Warm: 4 - 12 hours

  • Warm: 12 - 24 hours

  • Cool: 24 - 48 hours

  • Cold: 48+ hours


Top Tip:

Don't let your new leads go cold! Contact any new leads asap. The higher the rating, the higher the chances of conversion.