Autolist photo publishing issues or Instagram style post format on other social networks using Social Media Manager

You may be wondering how to make sure your autolist posts destined for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn can display with the blogs' hero image in those social networks, front and centre of the post, like Instagram, rather than having a snippet of the blog post, which looks more like the post is a retweet or a share. So make your post photo first, using Social Media Manager’s Autolist feature.

Here’s how to do that…

  1. You need to make sure you have Instagram connected and selected (in Autolist) as a social network to publish to, in the photo first style post format. This then pulls in the blogs' hero image from the RSS Feed into the Autolist blog item.


  2. If you don’t want to automatically publish your autolist posts that are ON to Instagram, that’s actually ok, as you can then choose to effectively manually publish to Instagram, by turning off Instagram Auto publish ? even with Instagram selected in the AutoList channels on the top right.


3. What you need to now understand is that the posts that have already been imported without Instagram selected and show blog post tiles in this section, will not have been imported in the Instagram style, thus not pulling in the image from the RSS Feed. So you need to re-run the Feed import/connection. It’s therefore up to you whether you want to delete the blogs you have already imported, or do that later, if you made any edits to them. Our suggestion is not to delete the ones there until after you have re-run the import, so you can adjust the content or posts that need to publish or not accordingly.

4. To re-run the import - Click the RSS Feed link button

5. Click the button options that chooses to import your recent blog posts, and add any new ones at the beginning. Once the feed has re-imported you can then delete any old posts - these posts will have a higher autolist blog number if you see duplicates now.

6. Now you will see all the blog posts imported with their pictures as icons in the bottom left of each post!


Once your new posts are imported with the hero images, other older posts you have previously imported in the autolist will not be deleted. The warning is - if any of the old posts have image errors, e.g. missing images for Instagram, they will still be auto published on Twitter or Facebook in the old re-tweet style (posts with a link) instead of posts with photo.

N.B. If your Blog post image does not show for a particular post for some reason, and you have done the above, when you know for sure there clearly is an image uploaded, it maybe one of two things.

1) When you created the blog, you may have inadvertently made the image’s online status in the blog post itself, set to hidden. If the Image is set to hidden in the Media section of the blog post, the image will not appear in your autolist.

2) The image format is not-viable. The image maybe too large or formatted in some resolution that it simply doesn’t like. Try re-uploading the image, use default image format settings for a JPG or PNG.

* If you make any changes to an already imported autolist blog post, it WILL NOT update once it is imported into the list, if you want to update it you will either need to delete all the posts and then refresh the feed, or its probably quicker just to amend the problematic auto list post. Subsequent posts should be fine if you adhere to the above. If in doubt delete all and refresh the feed.