Adding/Editing your Window Titles and Meta Descriptions

Within VIA, you can customise both the window title and meta description for every page of your website

To add/edit your window titles and/or meta descriptions

  • Login to VIA

  • Go to Website > Pages (if the window title or meta description you want to edit is for a blog article, go to Website > Blog instead)

  • Use the search bar to search for the page or blog you want to edit

  • Double click the relevant page from the list, or right click and select edit

  • Scroll to the section entitled Window Title or Meta Description (depending on what part you want to edit) and enter the relevant text you want to add

Important Information to remember

  • Each page of your website should have a unique window title and meta description. You should not duplicate window titles and meta descriptions across multiple pages as this will have a negative affect on your website’s SEO

  • The first 5 words of your window title and meta description are the most important

  • Your window title should be no more than 59 characters

  • Your meta description should be no more than 159 characters (in order to fully show up on the Google listing)