Website leads in VIA; how to action and mark leads as actioned

When you login to VIA, the Website Actions tile will show you all of your leads which haven’t yet been marked as actioned.


Clicking the underlined message will show you all of the unactioned leads with all of the key information you need.

Please note, you have the option to see all leads, or lock down the leads so users only see leads relevant to their branch. View this article to find out how to manage who sees what leads in VIA.


Simply right click the lead from the list and select Action Lead. This will then mark the lead as actioned and record who actioned the lead within the lead report with a time/date stamp.

If you are using our Lead Manager or CRM Edition software, you will also have the option of recording a note against the contact and setting a review date.

Your upcoming reviews and actions will then also be displayed on your VIA dashboard for you to easily follow up with your contacts.


How do I see this information?

Simply login to VIA. The Website Actions notification will be on your home screen/dashboard

Who’s see’s what leads?

  • Everyone will only see the leads which are relevant to the office they are associated with. Each user in VIA will have a branch associated to their user account:

    • Arrange a viewing requests will display for the branch marketing that property

    • Valuations will appear for the branch that deal with that operational area

    • General call me back forms will display for all (as there is no way of defining who should deal with these general leads)

    • Super users of VIA who are not allocated to specific branch (the branch field is simply blank) will see all leads

  • To edit a user's branch, go to the Users tab. Search for the user you want to edit, and select the relevant branch from the drop down options to allocate them to this branch. Click Save & Close to save your changes (only Super Users and Managers can edit user profiles)

  • To edit the operational area a branch deals with, go to the top tab (called Areas & Offices, Lead Manager, or CRM) > then select the Offices tab. Search for the relevant office, double click it or right click and select edit, then go to the associated areas section to allocate areas to the office. You can also edit specific areas by clicking the Areas tab. This video explains more about how areas can be defined in VIA

How do I action the lead?

Right click the relevant lead and click Action Lead

What if I want my staff to access this lead information but I won’t want them editing the website?

  • If a user has the following user rights, they will be able to access the website leads tile and action leads, but not be able to edit your website:

    • Advanced User

    • Standard User

    • Basic User

    • Read Only User

Can I see a report of all of my leads?

If you are using Lead Manager or CRM Edition software then yes.

  • Click Reports > Website Leads to search for website lead reports. You can filter the report to show specific information you need

  • Only Super User and Managers can access Website Lead reports


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