Syncing an appointment you add to VIA with your Outlook or Google calendar (or other third part calendars/diaries)

When you add an appointment to you VIA calendar, you have the option to export the calendar appointment to your Outlook or Google calendar.

  • When adding an appointment, fill in the relevant details such as Type, Location, Start and End Date etc.

  • Once you have completed filling in the details of your appointment, click the downward arrow icon next to the Save and Close button

  • Select the option Save and Export

  • This both save your calendar appointment in your VIA calendar and it then will trigger an ICS file download of your appointment. Click the downloaded file to add it to your diary. You should do this on the device your calendar is added to.

Please note: You can only sync individual appointments to your third party calendar as you add them to VIA, you cannot export your entire diary/calendar in one go.

In addition, once you sync the appointment to Outlook/Google, any amendments you make within Outlook/Google will only apply to your Outlook/Google calendar appointment, it will not sync back to your VIA diary. However, if you make the amendment in VIA, then resync the calendar appointment, the amendment will carry across all of your calendars.