VIA MailMerge cannot merge information, macros blocked warning

If you can’t seem to get VIA’s MailMerge of information working in Microsoft Word and are seeing this warning message it’s because your Word settings that enable the Macros necessary to run the Mail Merge feature are currently disabled. To solve this please follow these instructions to enable Macros to run in MS Word.


 Instructions to enable VBA Macros in MS Word

Step by Step guide:-

  1. In Word, Click File and/or select Options from the main left hand Menu at the bottom.

  2. Click Trust Centre in the left-hand menu

  3. Click Trust Centre Settings…

  4. Now Click the Enable all Macros (not recommended…) option and Tick the box Trust Access to the VBA Project Object Model

  5. Click Ok twice now.

  6. Now you may have to Exit Word and restart your VIA MailMerge task you were doing. Word will remember the settings you have changed.