Fast Leads Valuation Dashboard Tile

The valuations tile on the VIA homepage/dashboard is a useful tile showing your most popular postcode areas are for those requesting valuations from your website.

Whilst the tile will show you the postcodes of properties from vendors and landlords who have completed the valuation form online (where you will also have also received an email and a lead will appear on the New Leads tile), the tile will also show you where potential vendors and landlords might live.

Our online valuation forms are clever. When someone fills out the form, you receive the lead and the postcode is logged in the tile. However, the tile also records the postcodes of people who have started to fill out the form, but not completed it. As soon as someone enters their postcode, it is recorded in the tile below, regardless of whether they go on to complete the form or not.

People can decide not to complete the form for various reasons. Maybe they didn’t want to give you their personal details just yet, or maybe they got distracted halfway through filling in the form. Regardless of the reasons why, the Valuations tile captures their postcode information.

The postcodes listed in the tile are a mixture of people who have filled out the entire form and submitted a query to you, and the those who have only entered their postcode and then not completed the form.

You can click the Download now button on the tile at anytime. The tile is connected to the Royal Mail database, meaning a full address list of every property contained within your list of postcodes will be downloaded, allowing you to target your canvassing efforts in the postcodes areas more likely to yield results.

This tile enable you to use traditional methods of canvassing using smarter digital information. It is also completely GDPR compliant as no personal information is used at any point, only location information helping you to better target your efforts saving you time, effort and money.